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School Traditions

The Pied Piper Shoot Out

The Pied Piper Shoot Out stands as an exciting West Texas affair held in Hamlin, orchestrated by our Education Foundation. The fundraiser draws sponsors who contribute our students and schools. It represents a collaborative endeavor involving the Foundation, dedicated community volunteers, our students, and the school. We all work together to ensure its success.

Our spirited event typically takes place during the fall. Discover more information here.



Homecoming in Hamlin is a huge event thanks to the "Hamlin Ex-Students Alumni Association", where alumni vote on and plan for the big event all year long. You can expect a weekend theme, packed football game, a hoppin' downtown, and an excellent Saturday morning parade. You can find information in their Facebook group here.

Pep Rallys

The varsity cheerleading squad collaborates on the football season pep rally schedule. Throughout the year, there will be additional send-offs and pep rallies to honor various sports teams, individuals, and playoff games. Details will be communicated via ParentSquare during the week of the respective event.

Piper Fridays

On Fridays, we wear GREEN! Be on the lookout in ParentSquare for the Friday pep rally theme or send off time. Football season pep rallies are posted in the Pep Rally Schedule tab and on the athletics page. Go Pipers!

Senior Year!

Project Graduation

After graduation, seniors are invited to head back to the high school for a late-night, end of year party on campus!

Senior Sponsor

Each class has a teacher designated as sponsor of the class events of the year. Please reach out to your class sponsor through ParentSquare if you have any questions. 


The local Baptist church organizes this ceremony for all seniors in Hamlin, while individual churches will also conduct their own ceremonies for their senior members.

Senior Decision Day

Senior Decision Day is a collaborative effort between senior students and their parents, who come together to creatively decorate a table showcasing their post-high school plans. They are encouraged to dress the table with their visions for the future and be prepared to share these aspirations with students aged 11-18 in attendance.

This special day serves as an opportunity to bring parents to the school for a final project, inspiring our younger students to contemplate their own journeys ahead, and to celebrate the decisions made by our seniors. Typically observed in May, specific event details will be communicated through ParentSquare. If you haven't received information by April 15th, please don't hesitate to reach out via email to


Graduation takes place in the main gym, situated behind the high school campus, known as Piper Court. Seniors will conduct a walk-through either the day before or on the morning of the ceremony.