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What You Can Expect

All students can expect to begin welding in their first semester. The instructor first guides them through extensive safety training which takes about 4 weeks.

Starting as sophomores, students can enroll in these classes to learn the different welding techniques and processes that will be required by them in the workforce: SMAW (Stick welding), MIG, Flux Core, Layout and Fabrication, TIG, and Pipe welding. 

By taking at least one of these courses per semester, students can achieve a Level 1 certification by graduation. For those seeking a Level II certification, a schedule with more welding classes is available. Hamlin's partnership with Cisco College gives the instructor guidelines to follow and also helps set goals to reach throughout each course. 

On top of the "in house" safety training, students will also complete an OSHA training, ensuring students are aware of any and all hazards that could be present. The OSHA training not only covers shop hazards but also goes into great detail on job site hazards as well. While this training will help students to make safe decisions on the job, it also stands out to employers who are looking to hire.

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The summer internship is a unique opportunity to get paid, on-the-job training through our student business, Piper Weld.

Students bid on jobs throughout the community, complete the jobs, and evaluate the pros and cons of their decisions. This opportunity usually starts at the end of May and ends in July. Students usually work about 7-8 hours/day.

Just like when school is in session, students need to have the proper clothing and footwear to come to work. They can bring their own helmets, gloves, and safety glasses. These can be provided by the school if necessary.

Typically, there are around 4 spots available for this internship.

Applications should be turned in by May 1st for anyone wanting to take advantage of this opportunity for paid, on-the-job training experience.

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