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Founded in 2020, the Hamlin Collegiate Education Foundation raises private-sector funds to support academic goals and achievement for the entire district.

We support many efforts including classroom enrichment, teacher trainings, and college degree attainment. We seek financial contributions from Hamlin Collegiate families, the community at large and corporate donors to fulfill this mission.

Powerful Alumni - Debt Free!

High School seniors walk the stage at Cisco College upon earning an associate degree. You heard us right! Students are earning their associate degrees and industry certifications before graduating high school, allowing them to head into the real world with $60,000 and at least 2 years saved on college tuition and time!

When you support the Foundation, you support our students being powerful, debt free alumni capable of enriching their environments, Hamlin, and the world.

The foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, and donating here is a safe way to qualify for yearly tax write-offs


  1. Donate Online Here


  2. Write a Check
    Make your check payable to "Hamlin Collegiate Education Foundation"
    Mail to: PO Box 338, 250 SW Ave F, Hamlin, TX 79520


  3. Give us a call to discuss the best fit for your needs (325-576-2722)



HS Students

Trade courses


Every donation supports a student in Hamlin who will now have a better opportunity to be a well-educated, job-secure adult who can give back to our community.

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