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Inclement Weather

Inclement Weather Preparedness for Our School District

Monitoring and Response: Hamlin Collegiate ISD is prepared for the challenges posed by inclement weather, including icy roads and heavy rainstorms. Our dedicated team closely monitors local forecasts and road conditions to ensure the safety of students, staff, and families.

Communication Channels: In the event of severe weather, timely updates will be communicated through various channels. Stay informed through ParentSquare, our social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram) and TV stations (The KRBC, KTAB, and KTXS). We encourage parents and guardians to stay connected and vigilant during adverse weather conditions.


  • If there is a delayed start, the delay will be 2 hours
  • The decision on whether or not and/or when to run the buses will be made when a delay is announced

Contingency Plans: Our district has robust contingency plans in place to address potential disruptions to the academic calendar. These plans prioritize the safety of our students while minimizing the impact on learning. Together, as a community, we navigate through weather challenges with a shared commitment to the safety and education of our students.