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Free College

Thinking about college expenses?


The sad truth: The expense of earning a 4 year degree usually leaves students and parents saddled with debt, many choose not to finish the degree plan, and there are others still who know the price is outside their grasp.

The exciting solution: Hamlin Collegiate has partnered with Collegiate Edu-Nation to provide free college courses to all HCISD students. Staff in Hamlin serve as both high school and college faculty, guiding the students to earn an associate degree and a high school diploma all by graduation. This is 60 college hours per student at zero cost to the family. 

From there, students can choose to move into a career, head to a university to finish their final 2 years, or enter Hamlin Collegiate's bachelor's degree program. The students who choose to stay will be required to keep up with their coursework and work in a paid internship in their field of study. At the end of their program, they will have work experience, an internship, and a bachelor's degree with zero debt.

If this seems too good to be true, look no further than the campus or administration office. The work behind the scenes with our Collegiate Edu-Nation partners is an immensely heavy load, and each faculty member has taken on different, extra responsibilities to support this vision. At the end of the year, watching the little class of 28 seniors walk across the stage having earned 967 college hours at no cost to their families, we think it's worth it. And this is only the beginning!


The goals for Hamlin Collegiate High School’s graduating seniors are:

  • ✓  90% will complete an associate of arts degree by grade 12, a work-based learning experience, and an individual research project

  • ✓  80% of these will complete a bachelor’s degree and will earn a high-demand workforce certificate

  • ✓  70% of these will complete a postgraduate degree or certification

There is much work to do, but the groundwork has been laid and systems are in place to enable students to be college, career, and LIFE ready!

Please contact your teacher or campus leadership team for additional information about any of our programs.