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Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders with Innovation and Tradition

The goal of the Hamlin Collegiate ISD model for student success is to create an innovative and sustainable approach to break the generational poverty cycle. This is achieved through higher education and industry work-based learning opportunities, with a focus on preparing students in our rural setting to lead both themselves and our community toward a brighter future.

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Students earn trade certifications and licensing while in high school... at no cost!

Free College Degree

Hamlin Collegiate High School students are earning their college associate degree before their high school diploma... with an option to stay here for their bachelor's!

Collegiate Model

The expense of earning a 4 year degree usually leaves students and parents saddled with debt, many choose not to finish the degree plan, and there are others still who know the price is outside their grasp.

The exciting solution: Hamlin Collegiate has partnered with Collegiate Edu-Nation to provide free college courses to all HCISD students. Staff in Hamlin serve as both high school and college faculty, guiding the students to earn an associate degree and a high school diploma all by graduation. This is 60 college hours per student at zero cost to the family. 


In Hamlin, we value where we come from just as much as where we are going.


"Rather than simply filling children with facts, Montessori education strives to nurture each child’s natural desire for knowledge, understanding, and respect." -Melanie Theisse

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